The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas will host 4,500 exhibitors showcasing the most current in innovations and life-changing technologies. 24 different product types will be on display. Over 180,000 people are anticipated to attend. The event will begin this Tuesday.

Compared to last year, we are seeing less about self-driving cars and more new gadgets.

“Virtually every major company is revealing AI and applications which are only truly jaw-dropping,” said Gary Shapiro. Shapiro is president of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which runs CES.

Hisense, China’s leading electronics manufacturer, brought along a 100 inch TV and three “quantum dot” televisions, all of which feature AI technology.

“The technology will detect what you are watching and automatically improve the viewing experience. For example, it can detect that you are watching sports and improve the movement rate. For films, the AI can detect the 24 frames-per-second and modify the colours and enable surround sound for a more cinematic experience,” said David Gold, vice-president of consumer electronics at Hisense USA.

Lifestyle and technology company LG also unveiled a paper-thin OLED TV. The company said it will be one of the very first to start a 5G mobile platform this year.

First time exhibitors Harley-Davidson announced the launch of its first electric motorcycle. Similar to many modern cars, the motorcycle will have cellular connection so people can keep track of where they parked their bike.