The Duke of Edinburg was involved in a car crash outside the Queen’s Sandringham estate on the 17th of January shortly before 3pm. Prince Philip’s Land Rover flipped, but nobody was seriously hurt. Two women in the other car required medical attention at the hospital.

Emma Fairweather, a mother of two, who was involved in the crash said one of the Queen’s staff had sent her a voicemail asking how she was feeling. The crash left her with a broken wrist. Ms. Fairweather said she was surprised that Prince Philip himself has not yet contacted her. “I’m still quite surprised that Prince Philip hasn’t felt he wants to contact me and inquire as to how I am.”

Prince Philip Land Rover Crash
The Duke’s Land Rover was flipped on its side. The other car involved in the crash was a Kia, and it sustained damage. One victim was left with a broken wrist.

High profile car crashes involving elderly people often result in people calling for restrictions on older drivers. The president of the AA commented on this, saying that younger drivers are at a much bigger risk of being involved in crashes than older drivers. Prince Philip is still driving at 97, and he famously drove the Obamas during their visit in 2016.

Prince Philip said that he was shaken by the crash. He allegedly told the police that he was dazzled by the sun. Despite that, the Prince was spotted driving without a seatbelt just 48 hours after the crash. The police have since spoken to him regarding seatbelt safety.

Ms. Fairweather may need surgery if attempts to set the break do not work. Nick Freeman, a lawyer known as “Mr. Loophole” has said that the Duke could be prosecuted. The Prince took an eyesight test, which he passed. The low winter sun may have indeed dazzled him, which would be a valid defense.