Drones at Heathrow Airport

The Metropolitan Police said they received reports of a drone sighting near Heathrow at about 17:05 GMT. In December, Over 140,000 passengers at Gatwick were affected during 36 hours of chaos. Departures at Heathrow were temporarily stopped after the drone was sighted. A witness described it as “very bright, stationary, flashing red and green lights, over the Harmondsworth region.”

Gatwick said last week it had spent £5m to stop future attacks. Heathrow also confirmed it’d be purchasing systems to guard against drones. It was a really clear night and the object was stationary, it was turning very, very marginall, according to eyewitnesses.

Flights from the west London airport resumed about an hour after police said a drone was seen. A spokesperson said in a tweet: “We continue to work with the Met Police on reports of drones at Heathrow.”

After working with Air Traffic Control and the Met Police, departures from Heathrow have been resumed following a brief suspension. Airport staff will continue to monitor the situation. 40 aircraft were not be able to take off during the brief period.

Before the confirmation flights had resumed, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said he had been in contact with the airport regarding the drone sighting, and had spoken to the home secretary and defence secretary.

Gatwick and Heathrow have been co-operating during the drone incidents. Earlier this week, it was announced that authorities would be given new powers to help prevent the use of illegal drones. Be careful where you fly your expensive drones, or it might be shot down out of the sky!