Did you know that rap has its roots in Ancient Egypt? It goes back to the oral tradition of telling stories. Nowadays, we usually do it over a beat. Some rappers are storytellers, other specialize in creating songs that get you jumping up and down in the club. From Tyler the Creator to Joyner Lucas, we bet that we can guess your favourite rapper. Just scroll down and take our quick quiz!

Were you born before or after 2000?

What do you think of Wiz Khalifa's song, "We Dem Boyz"?

Who is Travis Scott's current girlfriend?

In the song "Stepping Stone" on his 2018 album "Kamikaze", Eminem talks about which music group?

Fill in the gap: "My dawg would probably do it for a ____ belt"

Checks or Stripes?

Fact or fiction: Tupac was heavily inspired by Shakespeare

Who shot 50 Cent?

"2Pacalypse Now" was released in

What is a "Stan"?

I Can Guess Your Favourite Rap Artist

Eminem has been at the top of the rap game for 20 years and counting. You clearly follow the master lyricist and storyteller. Are you excited for his next album?

Drake is now worth more than $100 million, and he is pushing his music further with each album. Will you be celebrating his 20 year anniversary since his first album in 2021?
Lil Peep

You probably love the energy that Lil Pump brings. There's nothing like that bass hitting you straight in the chest when Lil Pump brings out his hits like Gucci Gang.

Tupac, synonymous with "legend". Regarded to be one of the best rappers ever, more than 20 years after his death. Makiaveli's songs still resonate today with many of us.

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