Julian Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012. This was in order to avoid a sexual assault case, which has since been dropped. He faces US federal charges for one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets. Rumors say that he has displeased his Ecuadorian hosts by not taking proper care of his room. British police arrested Assange at Ecuador’s embassy after the country’s government revoked his asylum status.

On Thursday, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, he was fund guilty of refusing to surrender in court. The UK now has to decide whether or not to extradite Assange. The US Department for Justince alleges that he conspired with former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to download classified databases. He faces up to five years in US prison if convicted on the charges.

In 2017, leftist Lenin Moreno was inaugurated as president of Ecuador and stated that Assange can remain in embassy but warned him not to meddle in Ecuador’s domestic politics. By March 2018, Assange’s internet access was cut off as he failed to meet the terms of his hosts. President Moreno claimed that he inherited the problem and it was “like a stone in your shoe.”

Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s lawyer, said they would be fighting the extradition request, as it would set a “dangerous precedent”, where whistle blowers and journalists are punished for publishing “truthful information” about the United States.

Assange’s lawyer has visited him in his cell several times. He wishes to thank his fans for the support he has received.