A leaked Uber employee survey says the company’s employees are feeling better about their employer and their own work.

The results of the survey are positive compared to the negative ones found in past employee surveys.

Over 18,000 employees were included in this survey. Here are the statistics, according to the Business Insider:

– 83% feel Uber is in a position to succeed over the next 2 years.
– 73% feel heard by a manager.
– 66% feel they have job security.
– 63% say they feel treated equally.
– 63% believe Uber acts in a socially responsible manner.
– 56% see themselves working at Uber in two years’ time.
– 45% say they would take a job offer from a competitor if the pay was better.
– 40% feel they are being paid fairly, relative to similar positions at other companies.

Uber has recently come under fire from employees who feel they are not being paid a competitive salary.

It seems like wages and salaries will continue to remain Uber’s main problem. Drivers can barely support themselves while working full time for Uber, yet customers are being charged excessive amounts for their trips.

Some estimates put Uber’s initial public offering as high as $120 billion. The company is racing against Lyft to become the first ride-hailing company to go public.