Notre-Dame de Paris, also known simply as Notre Dame, is burning. Work on the cathedral was started in 1160 and only finished in 1260. Much of the religious imagery was destroyed during the French Revolution. Today, the cathedral is ablaze. Early reports suggest that the fire is linked to renovation work that was being carried out.

People were quick to voice their concern on YouTube. The fire encompasses much of the cathedral and according to some reports, the roof has collapsed in its entirety. Much of the artwork will be lost.

The U.S. President commented on the incident, suggesting that flying water tankers may be used to extinguish the fire. “There will be nothing left,” said a cathedral spokesman. The main spire collapsed in the fire. Onlookers captured a heartbreaking video showing the 700 year old spire as it collapsed.

Reports suggest that some of what was in the building may have been removed last night due to the renovation work. @HxDilettante on Twitter compiled a picture album on Twitter showing the beautiful inside of the cathedral, which may be lost forever.

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