Lee Molloy is a twenty-year-old literature student and writer from Dublin, Ireland. Having spent years posting his pieces on his Instagram, he finally decided to start a blog where he can share his writing with the world. His biggest inspirations in writing are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Albert Camus, and Charles Baudelaire. His poem, The Great Hunger, tackles issues in our modern society and asks us to think about how others really perceive us. Do branded clothes really positively influence the opinion our friends have of us, and is it really worth it at the end of the day? Make up your own mind.

The Great Hunger

Fancy stores on a fancy street

As fancy people walk on by,

And look at me as though I’m one of them,

Not knowing that the jacket on my back

Cost me a week’s worth of meals.

When I told my ma the price

She said I was a thick

but sure,

that’s how much you have to pay

for a good Instagram pic.

and all my mates will tell ye the same,

not a penny between us,

but a fortune on our feet,

but sure,

Pennies doesn’t get you likes.

But it’s not even about the pictures,

clothes are a sort of currency

on this Dublin City street,

no one cares where you live,

where you work,

how often you eat,

People look you up and down

and think they know just who you are,

so you have to give them something to look at,

even if you don’t like how it looks yourself.

Being broke is hard,

but looking broke is harder;

We spend our wages

on things we don’t need,

to impress people we don’t know,

in places we don’t belong,

for reasons we don’t understand.

But still,

Big prices

mean big things

in little cities

such as mine.

And expensive jackets don’t pay the bills,

but pictures of bills don’t

get likes on Instagram.

And so I walk in the gold-handled door on Grafton street

that the broken old man holds open

and nods as I enter.

In my pocket I have last week’s wages,

and the coins I found behind

the sofa in my nanny’s house that

I cleaned for a score on Saturday.

Furry jackets,

leather shoes,

this week’s spree has just begun,

Sure I might have to skip lunch and dinner next week,

but I won’t be the only one.


If you liked this poem, you can find a lot more like it on Lee’s blog, lemolloywritings.online. You can also follow him on Instagram at @leemwritings. He would love to hear what you thought about it.