Your eating patterns say a lot about you. Food dominates our lives. Don’t let it control you, learn more about what your favorite food says about you. This short quiz will tell you something new about yourself, or your very near future.

If you could only take one of these to space, what would you pick?

Which one is most true for you?


If the only thing you could eat for a year was one of these, which one would you pick?

Which cuisine is your favourite?

How often do you order food?

Rate your own cooking ability.

Finally, pick a drink.

What Your Favourite Food Says About You
You are an explorer.


Adventure is always around the corner. Traveling is in your blood, whether it is across expansive landscapes, or in your home town, you've probably made a journey recently. This isn't limited to physical journeys. Sometimes we embark on emotional ones too.
Love is around the corner.


At times, life may get rough, but with enough perseverance, you will be rewarded. You have sowed the seeds, and now they are growing in a fruitful reward. The love of someone who hasn't been attentive enough as you had hoped will soon show itself.
It's party time.


As an avid party-goer, you're going to enjoy the next few months. This year will be full of occasions to celebrate. Spend time with family, friends or loved ones, because this year will be one to remember; or not, if you're known for drinking a bit too much at times.
Take a holiday, soon.


Life can be stressful. Sometimes it all adds up over a long period of time, even if it is little things. You should book yourself a holiday as soon as possible. Don't delay it too much, or else you will get bogged down in your stressful routine and forget about it.
Your energy levels are at an all-time high.


Your surroundings are changing for the better. Movement is happening and your situation is evolving. Your living conditions will drastically improve as a result of this boost of energy you have. Make use of it while it lasts.
You are a natural entrepreneur.

The food profile you most enjoy is the same as many entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves for nothing. Your energy levels, both physically and mentally, follow the same patterns as the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The classic rags to riches story. You have an innate ability, don't waste it.

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