Ever wondered which Counter-Strike gun fits you the most? Are you part of the Global Elite, wielding the Desert Eagle and striking fear into your enemies, or are you kicking ass from afar with the AWP?

Take this short quiz and let us know what your weapon is on Facebook or Twitter!

In a gunfight, what range to you prefer to fight at?

How much money are you willing to spend on a weapon?

How serious of a player are you?

How good is your aim?

How fast do you like to shoot?

How good are you at hitting trickshots?

Which Counter-Strike gun fits your playstyle the most?
Desert Eagle

Your ideal gun is the Desert Eagle! Cheap, but deadly, this pistol won't let you down.

Your ideal gun is the AWP! Expensive, accurate, and deadly - You don't mess around with this gun.

Your ideal gun is the MAC-10! Cheap & fast, this gun is perfect for when you have no money, but want to rush.

Your ideal gun is the MAG-7! This monster shotgun will clear out anything infront of you, so long as it's only a few feet away.

Your ideal gun is the Negev! This bullet-hose of a gun is cheap, and not the most effective choice - but it can make for a surprisingly strong weapon in the right hands.

Your ideal gun is the P90! Affectionately nicknamed the "Pro90", the P90 is essentially a miniature rifle with a giant magazine capacity, that favors running-and-gunning tactics.

Your ideal gun is the SCAR-20! A sniper rifle on steroids, this expensive behemoth is the bullet hose of sniper rifles - allowing fully-automatic, long-range destruction of the enemy team.
SG 553

Your ideal gun is the SG 553! The scoped sibling of the AK-47 clocks in at slightly more expensive than it's sister gun, and is slightly harder to spray with, but allows for highly effective long-range gunfights.
SSG 08

Your ideal gun is the SSG 08! Otherwise known as the Scout, this sniper rifle has a cheap cost and high accuracy. Skilled players can utilize its one-hit headshot potential for devastating value with this weapon.
Zeus x27

Your ideal gun is the... Zeus x27! Not really a gun, this cheap taser is a favorite joke buy among players. One-shot, one-kill, but pathetically small range and a Once-and-done ammo capacity makes this gun embarrassing to get killed by.

Your ideal gun is the AK-47! The go-to gun for most players, this gun offers the best for price, accuracy, and damage of any gun in the game, making it the most versatile weapon to purchase.

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