Adam is a Personal Trainer in Dublin, Ireland. He has a massive passion for health and fitness, and believes that exercise is the missing piece in a lot of people’s lives. He wants to educate others on the benefits of physical activity, and show his clients how being active can improve your life in so many ways outside the gym. Follow his social media accounts “Facebook – Adam Molloy Personal Training” and “Instagram – @adammol_pt” for daily fit tips, motivation, and information that can help you become the fittest, healthiest, and happiest you have ever been.


As kids growing up, we were all pushed to be as active as possible. Join a sports team, go out to play with friends, partake in summer camps – anything to get us out of the house and moving around. Our parents understood the benefits of exercise in our growth and development, and (even if they didn’t do any themselves!) forced us to be active as much as possible – even when we didn’t want to be.

As we age, however, life kicks in. No more time to play, you have to go to school/college/work. We get dragged into the social construct of “work, earn money, repeat, and eventually die”. We spend hours of our day in a job (that we likely hate), arrive home feeling exhausted and drained, spend the rest of the evening dozing in and out sleep on the sofa, snacking on junk food, and eventually make our way up to bed to repeat the process again tomorrow. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone in that. Many people are stuck in that exact same routine. We live in a culture that prioritizes money, big houses, flash cars, fancy clothes, and doesn’t put a whole lot of value on personal health (physical or mental).

This has to change. And exercise can help us do it. The benefits of exercise are numerous – weight control, reduced risk of coronary disease and other NCD’s (diabetes etc.), increased bone and muscle strength, improved mood, and ultimately – increased likelihood of living a longer life!

In the world of today, physical activity is the last thing people are worried about. Job, money, family all come first – which I completely understand. But tell me this – how can you be the best at your job, earn the best wage, or be the best husband/wife/mother/father/son/daughter, if you are not the best version of YOU? Doesn’t make sense does it?

As a society, we have never been fatter, lazier, or unhappier. That may sound harsh – but it’s the truth. And as long as we do nothing to change it, that’s how it’s going to stay.

We have to do better. We have to want more – for ourselves and for future generations. We have to start taking pride in ourselves, and prioritizing our health as number one. What good is it having the biggest house in the world, if you’re not even fit enough to walk up the stairs?

Let’s raise the bar. No more accepting laziness and unhappiness. No more settling for average. No more “waiting for Monday”. Ask yourself – do you want to be fitter? healthier? slimmer? happier?

If you do, great! Those are fantastic goals that are very achievable. But the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. So if we want change, we are going to have to alter how we live.

And that starts right here, right now.